Below are the three main services I offer. These three work best together in order for you to create a lead generation machine. If you are serious about creating a web presence, and not nickel and diming every asset, these are for you.

Search Engine Optimization

It isn't dead. Rather it is now the standard for web development. Luckily, I already specialize in SEO.

Web Development

Not for the weak of heart. You will have tools tied to your site to generate leads. I know you want leads/sales, not just a site.

Target Marketing

Social media advertising and outreach, blogger outreach, Google Ads, and much, much more!

Consulting For Custom Inquiries Is Available

Below are micro-services. I understand not everyone can afford a full project. You many only need one vehicle in place to fulfill your marketing funnels.

Fair warning: I only perform about ten of these a month, so make sure you put your order in as soon as possible.

Search Engine Services

Search Engine Optimization Scan

I will scan your site for SEO issues and deliver a report.

Any issues you need additional help on turn into consulting.

Keyword Scan

Want to know if your page is optimized for a keyword?

I will scan three pages for best practices and deliver a report of suggestions on how you can better optimize your page.

Google Business Map

Do you want to be on the map when people search for your business?

I will claim your business on Google and fill out your profile.

Directory Listing

Having a hard time getting on Google's local listings/map results? Proper directory listings can fix that.

I will scan your current listings and add new ones.

Competitor Google Ad Analysis

Want to know what ads your competitors use most and get the best response to?

I will research them and deliver you a report. You can mimic their ad copy and see how much they are spending.

Copy Cleaning

You may save by writing the copy yourself, but you probably didn't follow proper guidelines for online copywriting.

I will fix the format and the verbiage of your content to make it more readable. You will also get ideas on how to expand your copy.

Social Media Services

Facebook/Instagram Audiences

I will create audiences on your ad account for you to target.

My goal is to be very niche with various audiences.

Instagram Hashtag Research

Personally, I keep a bank of hashtags in Evernote. It helps me quickly expose my photos to niche markets.

I will research the hashtags you should use to reach your markets and those you can use to find new prospects.

Instagram Shoutout/Review

I will find you Instagram profiles that will give you a shoutout.

Additionally, I can find people to review your products.

You will need to pay these people for their services.

Promo Banner Building

Do you have all the right banner sizes for Google or even Facebook? Are they cohesive?

I will create banners for your special, sale, exposure, or whatever you want.

Newsletter/Email Blast Setup

I use Mailchimp. It works with most programs, looks good, and it is easy to use.

I will setup your email template, help you load up your email list, and provide tips on how to grow the list.

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